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A pregnancy massage, also known as a prenatal massage, is a massage received while you are pregnant. Prenatal (pregnancy) massage promotes relaxation, soothes and bonds mother and child.

Prenatal massages should be in accordance with generally accepted medical guidance of the NHS and only be provided to mothers who can confirm that they are over 12 weeks pregnant. There should always be a clear line of communication between the mother-to-be and her therapist. The pregnancy massages should always be performed by a specially qualified prenatal massage therapist

How the Pinpoint Pro™️ Massage Gun  could be used to treat the symptoms of multiple sclerosis

We all rely on our immune systems to help keep us healthy and protect us from disease. Under ordinary circumstances, our immune cells are able to differentiate between the ‘good’ (our own body cells) and the ‘bad’ (agents capable of causing disease like bacteria and viruses). We know that when we get sick our bodies will be able to heal themselves after a few days, before allowing us to get back to ‘business as usual’ afterwards. However, for some individuals, the immune system doesn’t work as it should. In some cases, immune cells erroneously attack body cells instead of infection-causing agents that may otherwise cause infection. This is called autoimmunity and can result in disease in the person affected. One example of an autoimmune disease is multiple sclerosis, hereby referred to as MS. Those living with MS will likely need to learn to live with a range of symptoms that can impact on quality of life. Whilst there’s currently no cure for MS, being able to effectively treat symptoms can help the individual cope with day to day life

Living with pain can greatly impact our quality of life, and very often we undermine the effect this can have on us. Whilst the physical symptoms can leave us feeling uncomfortable, sore and in discomfort, our emotional wellbeing can also take a hit. We can feel irritable, anxious and even depressed knowing that our daily lives are blighted with pain that feels like it’s never going to go away.

The chances are that most of you reading this will be familiar with massages – what they are, why you may need them and how they can help. Some of you will likely have had a massage before, perhaps to help with stiff muscles or as a way to alleviate pain and/or tension. Yet how many of you have heard of a holistic massage and considered the potential benefits this kind of therapy could have?