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Imagine having a portable sports massage therapist who could travel with you wherever you are in the world, treat every muscular ache or pain and fit neatly into your bag. Sound ridiculous? Well, look no further than the incredible Pinpoint Pro™️ MK1 Massage Gun.....

So Fathers Day in the UK is fast approaching…..Sunday 21st June to be exact.

You're panicking and a quick check online, Fathers Day Gifts are plentiful, to the point of overwhelming. So how do you choose the perfect Fathers Day gift then?

Let’s face it, massage guns are pretty much everywhere now. You have the US-based market leaders like Theragun now rebranded to TheraBody and Hyperice Hypervolt. Then you have the up and coming brands in the UK like MuscleGun, Pulseroll, Recovapro, Myosmaster and of course, ourselves Pinpoint Pro™️ . Alongside these brands sits the cheaper massage guns available on Amazon and eBay for about 1/3 of the price. But we’ll cover that in another post.