A Massage Gun For A Father’s Day Gift?

So Fathers Day in the UK is fast approaching…..Sunday 21st June to be exact.

fathers day UK massage gun

You're panicking and a quick check online, Fathers Day Gifts are plentiful, to the point of overwhelming. So how do you choose the perfect Fathers Day gift then?


Well, you can’t…..it’s pretty much nigh on impossible to choose the “perfect” Fathers Day gift. Will he like it? Or appreciate it?


But not to worry....let me give you five 5 reasons why you should buy a Pinpoint Pro™️ Massage Gun as a Fathers Day gift.


fathers day gifts massage gun


  1. A Massage Gun Saves Time and Money

Let’s face it, we’re all very busy with work and life in general and no one has time to constantly attend a massage therapy session. A one-time investment in our massage gun can not only save you money on that twice-monthly massage therapist visit but also more time to do what you need to do as you have to keep attending any massage therapy sessions.


  1. Helps Muscle Recovery

A massage gun helps with muscle recovery. Period. After a long hard day at work or an intense workout session, a massage gun will help delay DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness) by promoting blood flow and minimising the lactic acid, which in turn decreases tight muscles and soreness.


  1. Pre-workout Muscle Warm-Up

Not just for muscle recovery, a massage gun can also help with any pre-workout muscle warm-up or any heavy strenuous activities at work. Warming up the muscles are important as it helps prevent injuries such as tendon and muscle injuries.


  1. A Massage Gun For The Family

Unlike some Fathers Day gifts which are specific to fathers only, a massage gun  can be used by the whole family. If your mother, aunt, uncle or even grandparents have an aching or sore muscle, they could easily borrow the massage gun to use.


  1. Your Father Will Thank You!

Trust me,  your father doesn’t have to be a sports athlete or fitness enthusiast to use a massage gun.  Although they’re mostly marketed at that demographic, the fact is, anyone can use a massage gun because let us be honest, everyone has aching muscles, muscle tension after a long and strenuous day at work. Your father would thank you for his Fathers day gift knowing that he could come home after a long day and just be able to relax and sleep better after a massage therapy with a massage gun

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