Top 10 Benefits of a Massage Gun


Pinpoint Pro massage gun

Imagine having a portable sports massage therapist who could travel with you wherever you are in the world, treat every muscular ache or pain and fit neatly into your bag. Sound ridiculous? Well, look no further than the incredible massage gun. You can have all this and more.

A handheld massage gun offers relief for sore and aching muscles through vibration and percussive therapy, a treatment that delivers rapid bursts of vibrating and pulsing pressure directly into the muscle and soft tissue. A sports massage therapist can deliver short bursts of percussive therapy, but a massage gun is designed specifically for this and can be used for much longer periods. Here are ten incredible benefits of a massage gun:



Fast Muscle Recovery

 An essential for any athlete, professional or amateur, is fast muscle recovery. The quicker your muscles can recover, the more comfortably and safely you’ll be able to continue with your training.

Muscles suffer microtears during exercise. After exercise, these tears repair and muscles become thicker and stronger. Percussive therapy, such as that from a massage gun, promotes quicker recovery by encouraging nutrients into the muscle and fibres.


Delivers highly effective therapy

Percussive and vibration therapy has been linked with the suppression of feelings of pain. Most of us will have experienced DOMS – delayed onset muscle soreness – which can happen up to a few days after a new type or different intensity of activity. A study published in the US by the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) highlighted positive links between percussive therapy and a reduction in DOMS, and that can be delivered by a massage gun.



A massage gun doesn’t just help muscles recover after exercise. A great deal of damage can be caused by exercising with cold, tight muscles. How many people head out for a run only to have tight calves or hamstrings the next day? As well as a warm-up routine, a massage gun can help loosen specific areas – if you suffer from tight hamstrings, for example, using a massage gun before a run will significantly help to lengthen the muscles and reduce contraction.

A massage gun is also an effective tool in an athlete’s warm-up, cool down and recovery post-workout


Extend the benefits of a massage at home

Wouldn’t it be great to have a sports massage therapist on hand to sort out your aches and pains whenever you wanted? Not many of us have that luxury and a massage gun provides the next best thing. You know how great it feels to have those knotty muscles loosened. Now you can follow up your regular treatment with a massage gun session at home. Target the area of pain and apply some percussive bursts.

Chronic pain – that which lasts for a while – won’t go away after one or two massage treatments. Having a massage gun to hand will allow you to treat those areas of chronic pain frequently and allow for a lessening of the pain.



Whether you are trackside, poolside or ringside, a massage gun is small enough to live in your kit bag. You can use it to help warm up before your training session or competition as well as to aid recovery afterwards. Massage guns have a substantial battery life, so they don’t need charging after every use.

Perhaps you travel to and from sports competitions. Or you might be someone who travels a lot for work. Whatever your reason, frequent travel can have a detrimental effect on your muscles. Less than generous seating in cars, planes and trains can lead to cramped and sore leg muscles, not to mention lower back, shoulder and neck pain. Pack a massage gun and you can start to loosen the tension or ease the knots as soon as you reach your destination. The small carry case makes it easy to fit into your luggage too.

You should never undergo any kind of massage treatment either by hand or massage gun if you have a blood clot or deep vein thrombosis in your leg.



Unless you are a professional athlete with a team of nutritionists, trainers and therapists in your inner circle, it’s unlikely you can stretch to a daily sports massage. A massage gun can be used daily, or as frequently as you need. After the initial outlay, your cost per use will rapidly reduce.


Extend the range of motion (ROM)

An injury or general lack of muscle use (such as spending too long sitting at a desk), can lead to a reduction in mobility. The percussive massage delivered by a massage gun can reach those deep, neglected muscles and help to relieve the tension by lengthening the muscle fibres. The more regularly and consistently these muscles are treated, the greater the increase in flexibility. A massage gun allows you to focus on the problem areas more often which should enable you to increase your ROM and see an upturn in flexibility.


Wave goodbye to your foam roller?

The foam roller is the nemesis of many an athlete, professional or amateur. They are superb at myofascial release, easing the tension and tightness in the trigger points around your muscles. Despite this, does anyone actually enjoy the act of foam rolling? If you find it’s the part of your warm-up or recovery that you tend to dodge, a massage gun could provide the answer – by targeting the vibrating pulses at your trigger points, it can help ease those pain points. Imagine not having to roll your sore IT Band ever again!


Muscle therapy when you’re under the weather

If you’re feeling unwell or your sports therapist is unwell, you may still be suffering muscular discomfort. Rather than spread your germs or risk catching something, using a massage gun at home would be the perfect way to help alleviate your pain. Right now, during lockdown, would be an ideal time to have a massage gun. No one knows when a hands-on industry like sports therapy will be up and running again, and rather than wait, you could be aiding your own recovery.


A massage gun is not just for athletes

It’s not just athletes who suffer muscle pain. Studies have shown that as many as 28 million adults in the UK suffer from chronic pain of some kind. This could be disease-related, such as fibromyalgia or osteoarthritis, or from an injury. Common areas for chronic pain include shoulders, back and neck. The ability to apply deep tissue massage to relieve this pain at home, at any time, using a massage gun, could be enormously beneficial to millions of people.


Now is the perfect time to buy and try a massage gun. The Pinpoint Pro™️ MK1 Massage Gun is available in the UK with free shipping. We would be delighted to talk to anyone about the benefits and features of our massage gun. If you have any questions, you can give us a call on 020 3488 4268 or email Pinpoint Pro’s owner direct on